I'm really doing this.

So, I’ve successfully quit my job and started a small art business. I’m done.


This sh**t is crazy. Everyday I’m searching for the energy to work on developing new prints, struggling with self-doubt and the impostor syndrome, applying to “real life” jobs to have some sort of plan B in my back pocket. Everyday I’m learning about new marketing techniques that I need to be doing right now,and trying to implement these marketing strategies I know nothing about.

Everyday is hard.

I’ve been dedicated to my art for about 3~4 weeks now, and it’s friggin difficult. I’m working as a supervisor at Eddie Bauer throughout the week and trying to be creative in what ever free time I can find. The schedule itself is doable and expected. the problem, now, is the confusion and stress that consumes my mind most days. It’s hard to be inspired when your constantly worried about your future. I’m trying my best to remember that every step in life is towards your purpose and destined place in this world, but it’s still difficult to not stress.

I’m trying to decide what i want to pursue alongside my art career. I know i need a proper income and benefits in the next few years of my life. I want to be independent from my family in the realm of FINANCES and living quarters, and I can’t do that on my art alone right now. So, i need a full-time job that has a salary suitable to me and some kind of insurance plan. (adult needs)

my current thoughts are on management. as i’ve looked back on all the jobs i’ve worked in my short life and i’ve found a common denominator. well, a couple common denominators. I need a community of people that i can feel like family in, and i enjoy managing people and processes. so, since i have experience in retail and in the outdoor industry those are the work environments i’m scanning through. location wise, if i go into retail management i could literally go where ever. (huge plus) there are stores that need managers all of the world.

on the other hand, i went to a 4 year university and paid for a degree. does that mean i owe it to myself to reach for something “higher”? is that really an important thing to consider? I think society has placed this idea in our heads that one way of making a living is better than another.

in reality, isn’t it okay if you are making a living just being happy?

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