Current Struggles & Overwhelm

It’s absolutely insane how fast time can go by. 3 weeks since I last wrote on here, sorry bout that.

I’m trying to get back into some actual routine, because that’s when things start to work for me. I’ve found that if I’m keeping track or ticking off some sort of box I do better. For me, everything is this domino effect and all my good habits work in unison. So, if I start my day with some sort of exercise or even just a walk, I’m more likely to eat a healthy breakfast, then to be productive right away at my desk, and then to accomplish most of my to-do list. However, it goes the other way too. If I wake up and sit at the couch with my coffee then I wont move until The Today Show is atleast in it’s 3rd hour. Then I’ll feel productive and start getting around for the day, but when I get to my desk Youtube is turned on before anything. So, it’s a weird series of events that I have to keep in check.

I’ve been thrown off of my routines by a few different things. One, I’ve simply been working more at Eddie Bauer. I’m still not working 40hr weeks, but the days get all broken up. I’ll go into the store 5-6 days a week, but sometimes it’s 10-2 or 5-9:30 or 1-5:30. The constantly changing schedule is nice, but I would prefer 8hr shifts. I get into this head space, like, it’s not worth planning on accomplishing too much, because my productivity will be interrupted soon for this 4hr shift. It’s an internal struggle. Two, trying to plan around a schedule like that is pretty confusing. I’ve been setting up at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday, and so I’m needing to restock and prep every week for that. I only get 1 or 2 days to accomplish creating a new print, scanning it, copying it, printing it, restocking my other prints, packaging more prints, etc. I also only have those two days to write a blog, think of and design new product ideas, network, and try to have a social life. Third, I’m tired. My energy levels are drained recently. When I get home from work or the market I just want to sleep. I think a lot of it could be the concrete floors of Eddie Bauer. I’m in need of some shoes that are actually good for your feet, jeez, I sound like an old lady.

Basically, I’m saying all of this to give a glimpse into my life. Buuut also, because I wanted to share what I’ve thought of to combat the overwhelm! I’ve read a lot about the importance of introducing habits and limiting your unnecessary decision making throughout the day. So, I’ve created some morning and evening routines that I hope to help structure my productivity. Now, I’ve already had a morning routine in place for some time.

It consisted of

  • 6:00am wake up,

  • walk/bike with the dog,

  • make/drink coffee while relaxing with the news or Youtube,

  • plan the day

It worked really well and I loved it for a long time, but it’s evident that it’s time for a change. So, here are my trial outlines. I’m also challenging myself to workout (somehow) 5 days a week and draw 5 days a week (Wednesday Prints don’t count).

Morning Routine

  • Wake up 5:00am

  • Exercise Mind or Body

  • Outside & Sage - walking, stretching, running, meditating, etc

  • Shower & Coffee time

  • Plan & Draw

Evening Routine

  • Change into PJ’s at 9:00pm

  • Remove Makeup, brush teeth, etc.

  • Choose clothes for tomorrow

  • Stretch

  • Journal

  • Sleep by 10:00pm

This is the plan and I’m committing to it for the week and I’ll report back on the 18th. Wish me luck!

Devan Bridson