Pay Off

Last week, I talked to ya’ll about setting up my evening and morning routines. That way I would always start and end my days on a good note. Well, I’m here to tell ya that after a week I feel really quite good. I tried to set a pretty strict routine considering Wake Up Time and Activities to do within the morning and evening times. So, the routine was lax in terms of what order I did everything. However, after a couple days a natural order fell into place anyway.

What I planned last week:

Morning Routine

  • Wake up 5:00am

  • Exercise Mind or Body

  • Outside & Sage - walking, stretching, running, meditating, etc

  • Shower & Coffee time

  • Plan & Draw

Evening Routine

  • Change into PJ’s at 9:00pm

  • Remove Makeup, brush teeth, etc.

  • Choose clothes for tomorrow

  • Stretch

  • Journal

  • Sleep by 10:00pm

So, I had planned to wake up at 5:00am. My first two days didn’t go that way. I didn’t wake up until 6:30/7:00. However, after sticking with it, I came to a happy medium of 5:30am. That was the first hurdle, accepting “defeat” the first two days out of the gate was really very annoying. But, not being too hard on myself I changed my goal to something more reachable (5:30) and achieved it. Now, I’m realizing that waking up at 5:00am, for me, really wouldn’t benefit me at all.

My next issue, I’d ingrained into my mind that I would never motivate myself to wake up early if it was to work out. So, I needed to break up my actions. I needed to place a specific task between waking up and working out. I added “Make Bed & Wash Face” to my routine. It was something that I would naturally do anyway, but adding to the routine gave it more of a hold and did the trick. I was no longer waking up early to work out, I was waking up early to start my day.

Honestly, the rest of the routines went really smooth. I’ve successfully done a small bit of drawing everyday. I’m absolutely loving it. Also, journaling at night really helps me to keep my thoughts straight, and it sort of dumps them out of my head. I didn’t have any thoughts that were keeping me awake, because I’d already dumped em out. I’m also putting out a blog post on Sunday night, which was the whole motivation for starting this whole thing.

So, I think it was a success. I will add a couple photos just so you can see how I physically kept track of everything. I work best when I find things aesthetically pleasing, so of course I went and bought a moleskin notebook. By the end of the week I found a way of writing it all out that really speaks to me and motivates me to continue it.

I hope this little routine piece maybe motivates some of you to give it a try also. If you’re interested I’d suggest reading The Habit Blueprint. It’s a really great book and goes into more depth and detail about the studies behind forming routines.

Devan Bridson