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Brief: “Design a garment that can solve a problem for a woman living in today’s reality. We want you to tell a story.”

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This shirt reminds us that Mother Earth is a part of us all. Her strong, wild vines run through our veins.

Weave of Storms

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If you take the time to look back at the history of many cultures and societies you will see that women have long been associated with the natural world. Women are the nurturing mother nature, the one who keeps balance, and the symbol for fertility, longevity, health, and life. It's a great thing to be associated with and paralleled to our Mother Earth. It's gained us this reputation of being great caretakers and holders of natural wisdom. We love it and feel connected to the natural world in ways people can't deny.

So, let me ask you. Are any of us surprised that as our Mother Earth is being abused and destroyed as we are being oppressed and silenced? You can't abuse one of us without consequently abusing the other. There is this subconscious connection in people's minds relating us. If people believe that it's okay to trash the Earth, the universal mass that gives us life, then they will also believe that they can abuse women, those who give human life. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Mother Earth is nurturing and the giver of life, but she's also wild. The Earth sees the disrespect and harm that is being done to her. She is fighting back. The Earth is throwing her tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and floods to remind us that she will not be taken advantage of. She's seen her abuse and refuses to sit back without taking action. This past year has been the highest account of damage from natural disasters ever.

Just like the Earth, women have also been fighting back. This past year has been monumental for women around the world. We aren't being silenced and we are fighting the patriarchy. All around the world women are joining forces to march, speak, be vulnerable, and stand for what they know to be right. We are showing the world what it looks like when we embrace our wild stormy side to refute oppression.

The Earth and women are walking hand in hand, side by side in our fight for equality and life. If our Earth is abused, we will be abused. Let's remember our Mother in our daily lives, remember her struggle, and thank her for the wild nature that she's bestowed upon us. Her wild vines run through our souls and give us that wonderful balance only found within a woman. We create life and harness the storms. Just as we help the Earth in her daily struggle the Earth will be there for ours. She gives us the strength to let our vines entangle our oppressors and bring on the storm.