portfolio - sewn

Just Beings - As natural as the rivers and mountains that occupy this earth, so are human beings. Let them be, no gender, no judgement.

Nature Details: - freeform pleating to create the illusion of a river - bleach painted pockets to enhance the beauty of the natural

Contrasting Thread Color: - Maroon topstitching on grey and blue fabrics

Princess Mononoke - These designs were created to encompasses the personality of fictional character, Princess Mononoke.

Material Decision: -Textured fur and an array of real bones were used in the creation of these garments to further express Mononoke- 


Wild Wo(men) - A design line created to encompass the ferocious, creative spirit of women. Men aren't the only ones who can change the world.

Triangle Details: - style lines on front of pants - line vest creates when buttoned - hem of the sweater back - vest pocket style lines -

Contrasting Thread Color: - blue thread used on pant topstitching - light grey on vest topstitching-

Androgynous Climber - An independent study I preformed in menswear pattern-making. I was inspired by the climbers of Camp 4 in Yosemite.  

Angle Detail: - forest green panel on tank top - front pocket on jean - style lines on crop top

Rectangle Detail: - sides pockets on overalls - style lines on knees of overalls - patched long sleeve - back pockets on jeans

Contrasting Thread Color: - green topstitching on overalls - green topstitching on jeans - green topstitching on brown suede 

Globetrotter - A person who often travels to far off places and collects experiences from each one. Every patch represents an experience. 

Patch Detail: - inside elbows of coat - cowl of dress - back hem of dress

Contrasting Thread: - deep brown topstitching on coat

ISU Fashion Show 2017