She’s an entrepreneur, dog mom, daughter, artist, designer, traveler……


My name is Devan Bridson and I do an assortment of different things. I don’t like being caged in or limited to what I can accomplish by titles or locations or anything. So, currently, I’m working to build my own creative business that will allow me to wear many different hats and be inspired by many different locations and people.

The plan

Let me lay it out for you. My plan is to take this online store to the road and travel around the United States going to different markets to sell my various forms of art. As I’m in each town I'll volunteer some of my time to help out at the local soup kitchen, food pantry, daycare, coffee shop, humane society, or where ever someone may need an extra hand for the day. I’ll document where I volunteer and share the stories of each place here in order to bring awareness to all of the noble causes/ventures. i hope this brings awareness to what great things everyday people are doing in their communities all across the United States.